Google Chromebooks: The New Computer of the Classroom?

Technology is an ever advancing creature. It is encroaching on every aspect of our lives, from the work place to our homes….and even our schools. In 2013, Apple’s iPads and Mac Notebooks accounted for half of the mobile devices shipped to schools. However, that has now changed. Apple’s devices are being replaced by Google’s Chromebooks: laptops that are powered by Google’s Chrome OS, that are also much less expensive when compared to Apple products.

Futuresource Consulting, a research company that monitors statistics in various markets, including education, made this notation in a report that they released this past Thursday:

“……of the 12.6 million mobile devices shipped to primary and secondary schools in the United States in 2016, Chromebooks accounted for 58 percent of the market, up from 50 percent in 2015.”

While Apple is loosing market share in the education market and Google’s share is growing, laptops amd tablets powered by Microsoft’s own Windows operating system remained flat. You can read the full articles from the source links below, and don’t forget to weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments section.










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