Budweiser Shipment Delivered Via Self Driving Truck

The world’s first commercial shipment made by self driving truck was completed by Anheuser-Busch.

Whenever conversation turns to autonomous vehicles, it seems that there is one reason which most will give for why there will be a need for these self driving vehicles. That reason is alcohol. Or more specifically, having a ride home from the pub. In the future, people seem to think that they won’t need to beg a ride home, or hope they don’t get a talkative cabby. Instead, they’d just get in their own vehicle, and say “home James”. Or more likely, “Ok Google, drive me home”

It’s quite fitting that the first delivery made by an autonomous truck would be nothing other than a trailer full of beer. That beer was of course Budweiser, transported over 120 miles through the state of Colorado. Anheuser-Bush teamed with self driving truck maker Otto to build the truck.

Throughout the extent of the trip, a driver was on board, however that driver hang out in the sleeper cab of the truck, simply monitoring the trip.

You may dream of the day when you can ride drunk in a self driving vehicle. Who would have thought your beer would beat you to the first ride?