Breakthrough In Internet Speed – Sckipio Technologies

Via the CNN Money report comes the news of a breakthrough on the front of internet speed. Israel chipmaker Sckipio Technologies announce the world first solution that promised to deliver up to 15Gbps in joint upstream and downstream performance by  dynamically  allocating  bandwidth in each direction in realtime. Dynamically Bandwidth Allocation, DBA for short. According to Eddy Barker, Assistant  VP of Technical Design And Architecture at AT&T with the current DBA, AT&T can offer up to 750Mbps in both downstream and upstream over coax with the chipsets. With the next generation of chipset, the company could double the speed to 1.5Gbps in each direction. Tim Fell, VP of Video & Broadband Services at Telus said DBA is a game-changer. With the speed of 750Mbps it’s already 50 time faster than the current broadband services that many subscribers have. According to Sckipio, the next generation 1.5Gbps chip will come within another year of the 750Mbps chipset. Though the demonstrations still show 750Mbps upload speed is still much behind the download stream. The significant advantage with G.Fast that it works well in coaxial cables as it does over telephone lines. That is a significant cost reduction that will work on existing apartment buildings that already using the DSL internet over the phone lines. With the old wiring system the DSL sometimes could see the lost of up to 90% of the speed. With it will only lose 10% to 15 % on the same trip. By comparison to laying fibre optics in a home is time-consuming and expensive, a single home can cost up to $100000. With G.Fast installing on the phone boxes on the streets, it’ll only cost $70000 and $0 to the homeowners.  Sckipio said technology will arrive in the US later this year. However, It won’t be available everywhere immediately. But Sckipio did say for a single phone company, it can roll out to the entire country in 4 years. (h/t to razzrob of UTB). Click on both highlighted links above for more information.



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