Bionic Eye Promises Perfect Vision

Bionic Eye (Ghost in the Shell)
Bionic Eye
(Ghost in the Shell)

We’ve all seen the comics, movies, or tv shows where soldiers with augmented limbs perform heroic deeds. Augmentation is still a few decades away….or is it?

An optometrist in British Columbia is claiming to have invented an easily implantable bionic eye that gives the user three times better than 20/20 vision. The procedure lasts eight minutes and is dubbed to be “painless.”

According to Endgadget the procedure is as follows:

“This device appears to be very similar in structure to the conventional artificial lenses employed in cataract surgery……It involves injecting the folded lense into your eye where it unfurls to replace your natural lense and correct your vision. There’s also an added benefit in that with these artificial lenses in place, you’ll never develop cataracts.”

Dr. Garth Webb, the inventor of this implant, promises the device to be extremely safe and secondary effect free. However, since the implant still hasn’t been tested, and due to the fact that there is no precedent, information on how it will function in day to day life is almost non existent.

The implant will undergo animal testing before seeing human trials. Dr Webb is seeking to have his lenses approved in Canada by 2017.