Apple Tightens its Choke Hold on Macs


Apple is tightening their grip once again.  This time apple’s own customer base receives the brunt of Apples never ending attack on customization in efforts to increase profit margins by any means possible.  In Yosemite, the latest update to OSX Apple conveniently removes support for third party Solid state hard drives with support for the trim feature.  If your Mac notices you have a aftermarket SSD with trim support it simply will refuse to boot! 

Ok,  so just turn off trim you say?  That would be a viable option if it didn’t greatly reduce the life of your brand new expensive solid state drive.  The Kicker here is Apple  apparently only supports Trim on its own solid SSD’s.  So you either risk the life of your SSD, and disable trim or your wallet takes a large hit purchasing one of apples SSD’s.  It sure looks like a lose-lose situation to me.

  • Sweet

    Pathetic ! It’s the iPhone/iOS team who should be following the Mac/OSX team’s lead, and not the other way around. I’ve heard several Mac users, including me, express their concern for the direction the Mac/OSX is going in. I’m sure that if the Mac/OSX team continues in this direction, more and more Mac users will switch platforms. I know I will, if it continues.

    • Barracuda7772

      ive never been a fan of apple, its pretty apparent from my post. Ive never liked how closed off they are, and seemingly more and more closed off as time goes.

      my own personal thoughts is that this is in relation to the lower than expected iphone 6 sales they have to siphon cash flow from other sectors

      • Sweet

        Up until this move, Apple had made the Macs more and more open. Even before 2010, you could change the harddrive, memory, optical drive on their laptops, with whatever compatible component you wanted. They even gave you instructions on how to change those components yourself. It was not like that in previous years. My HP laptop is no better in terms of customizability.

        This latest move is definitely a move to increase profits. It sounds similar to Microsoft’s move with accessories. It will lock in loyal fans, who probably wouldn’t leave anyways, and drive away those who were considering leaving anyways. I doubt it will have much effect.

        • Barracuda7772

          I was unaware of that, thanks !