All I Want For Christmas Is To Shoot Fire From My Hands

Who amongst us hasn’t dreamed of having super powers? As a kid growing up reading comic books, I sure spent a lot of time thinking about what powers I’d like. Flying? No thank you, I don’t like heights. Super Strength? Just seems like an add on to a cooler power. Invisible? Well, what Junior Higher wouldn’t love that. Stretching? We all know that’s just stupid. Fire. Now there’s a power.


Think about it, in the real world, we’re not going to be out fighting crime. You know how many television shows we’d miss while hanging out on roof tops waiting for something to happen? I have a feeling the life of a real life super hero would actually be extremely boring. So why a super power? The same reason you’d want to play guitar in the bar band. Girls. So forget being useful in a battle to save the earth. Grab a power that makes for great bar tricks. Great enough to take the attention from the guy with the Fender on the stage.

Ellusionist has given us what we’re looking for. And we don’t need to be bitten by a radioactive spider or be born on another planet. No, we just need to spend some money. For $174 dollars, you can shoot balls of fire from your hands.

The site makes it very clear that the device is not a toy, in fact it is described as ” a badass professional device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm.” Sure, this device is marketed for magicians and performers. I’ve never been in to magic myself, but think about it, who needs a pick up line when you’re shooting fireballs from your hands?

Item number 1 on the UTB Christmas list? Pyro Fireshooter!


  • undbiter65

    Holy crap, that’s pretty sweet!