A Charm Bracelet For The Handyman

People who wear smart watches think that those smart watches are tools. Many other think that those that wear smart watches are the tools. There is a new wearable coming this summer that may be the only tool you need, and it won’t be arriving with a charger.

Leatherman, the maker of what is arguably the best multi-tool available, is making… a bracelet.


And not just any bracelet mind you. Each of those chunky links you see above, is a tool.  Actually, 2 to 3 tools, per link. The tool-links are customizable, can be rearranged, removed or added to, and every link serves a purpose. Even the clasp operates as a bottle opener.


When released, the bracelet dubbed the Leatherman Tread will be available in a stainless steal finish for  $150 and a black carbon finish for $200. Look for a version with a watch to arrive in the fall.

Tread4_zpsd60c59c8See the video from Leatherman below.


  • undbiter65

    Not sure why this is on a Geek site :p lol. Jk. Looks nifty