A Five Dollar Fidget Spinner for Fidgeters on a Budget

Do you fidget? Do you watch your budget? Here’s the product for you.

Sean Hodgins has developed a Five Dollar Fidget Spinner and is asking for help to get it mass produced on Kickstarter.

There is no shortage of fidget toys right now. I’m currently enjoying my Fidget Cube, a past Kickstarter darling. But that is so yesterday. Fidget Spinners seem to be the current craze, and… there’s no shortage of these either. Hodgins addresses this in his Kickstarter video.

You see, there’s a trick to this spinner. It’s not a hidden trick. The trick is even in the name. The Five Dollar Fidget Spinner. Coming in at about a third the price of other spinners, this is a no brainer. Besides just being more affordable than other spinners on the market, I also prefer the no-nonsense design and size of this spinner. After all, what good is a fidget device if it’s too large to carry comfortably in your pocket?

With a Kickstarter goal of $4,192 already crushed in less than three days, the Five Dollar Fidget Spinner looks to be a runaway success. Kickstarter rewards start at, you guessed it, $5! If you’d like to support the project, just spin right over to Kickstarter now.