Want a Batmobile? How much would it cost?

Official look at Batmobile
Official look at Batmobile

One of the most vital, it seems, requirements for the caped crusader is a nice set of wheels. So maybe you want to don the mantel of The Dark Knight and want to know if a Batmobile is within your budget. Don’t worry, here at UTB Geek we have you covered.

We have seen many pictures showing the Dawn of Justice Batmobile and we did some digging and were able to get an approximate cost of one of those bad boys! Considering the Batmobile is more tank than car (with the M1 Abrams tanks favored by the U.S. Army costing more than $6 million apiece) that puts it a bit into perspective.

According to Ryan Friedlinghaus, (who helped built the Batman V. Superman movie AND the Arkham Knight Batmobile displayed at E3) just the non functional model cost $1 million to make. He esimates a working model would cost approximately $3 million. Though he continues to say:

“If a defense company was to make a vehicle like that, you’ve got to make it bulletproof, there are so many other pieces to it, then to make it look pretty and move around and drive, I mean, this thing has to go into war, I would say triple that”

So roughly $9 million, not including ammunition or spinning rims. So, anyone have $9 million to spare? Here at UTB Geek we’d be delighted to help you build a Batmobile.

(PhotoCredit:DC Comics)

  • monkey

    Damn guess I will have to forfeit my tourism trip to the moon so I can get one.

    • undbiter65

      If you do get one, can you blog it? ;;)

  • veeru789

    That’s it. Loose change.

    • undbiter65

      Lol! Buy one for me too 😀

      • veeru789

        Like someone said, I have money but I’m cheap :p