Tooth & Claw: Review

FB_IMG_1424370411893Tooth & Claw is a comic from  Image Comics. Writer Kurt Busiek and and illustrations by Benjamin Dewey.  It’s a a hybrid of Conan meets Game of Thrones meets Kamandi. FB_IMG_1424370780667

The story is this, magic is failing.  Wizards are becoming weaker.  They are in fear of that their way of life is coming to an end. Fear of no longer to hold back the tribe’s that serve them.

So a secret conclave has formed to bring back a Champion who ushered in the first era of magic.

I am a big supporter of Image Comics.  It is the biggest U.S. Character-Owned proprietary.  Personally I think some of the best stories are coming from this group.  I would encourage everyone who loves comics to check out and support these artist without making the big two Marvell and  D.C having their money making machine hands in the pockets.




  • undbiter65

    Sounds interesting, may check it out. Can’t go wrong with wizards