Superman Soars to new heights!

The Holy Grail of Comics!
The Holy Grail of Comics!

The comic that introduced Superman (and superheroes) to the world sold for a record breaking $3,207,852. As reported here, the auction begun August 14 with a starting bid of $1 million and soared ever higher for the next 10 days. The auction saw 13 different bidders participated and an entry of 48 bids. The action truly heated up over the final few minutes as the bidding quickly jumped from $2.5 million to $2.6 million to $2.7 million before shooting up to $3,207,752. But at virtually the last few seconds, the winning bidder automatically soared in with an offer of $3,207,852 to take home to what is being referred to as the “holy grail” of comic books.

“This was a record auction for eBay as it was the most expensive comic book ever sold on our marketplace,” Gene Cook, general manager of emerging verticals for eBay Marketplaces, said in a statement. “The sale of Action Comics No. 1 is a prime example of how eBay plays a role in popular culture by connecting shoppers to must-have merchandise, including rare and valuable collectibles. This was an extraordinary opportunity to bring a comic — one that has captured the attention of passionate collectors and casual fans alike.”

See below a hands on video with the most valuable comic in existence:

How much would you have paid for the comic that started it all?