Supergirl Midseason Premier Extended Trailer

The CW has released an extended trailer for the midseason return of Supergirl

Supergirl was the superhero show I wasn’t going to watch. I mean, come on, it was obviously made for teen girls right? Well, maybe not.

Netflix decided to add Supergirl to it’s line-up right at a time that I just couldn’t find anything good on. So I gave it a shot. And surprisingly, I ended up liking it. Who would have thought that?

The series shall return from it’s hiatus January 23rd, and The CW has given us an extended trailer for the upcoming season. In it, we see that, much like the other DC heroes, Supergirl is building up her own Scooby Gang of super powered friends. James Olsen as Guardian, Mon-El (who would have through that we’d ever see a character from the Legion of Super-Heroes on TV?) and Livewire and Roulette! Ok, I’m not sure who those last two are, so hurry up Netflix, let’s get caught up! Or I suppose I could just watch the upcoming season on The CW… decisions, decisions…