Suicide Squad Extended Cut Arrives with More Joker

The extended cut of Suicide Squad arrives on Digital HD with Blue Ray to follow December 13th.

The original Suicide Squad had issues. It had enough issues that the movie was sent back for reshoots and then to be edited again, not by the original director and editors, but by the team that brought us those amazing trailers.

All this was done of course after the release of Batman v Superman. The reaction to the ultra dark and depressing BvS movie, coupled with the excitement over the humorous Suicide Squad trailers led to Warner/DC rushing to lighten the tone of the Suicide Squad movie.

When Suicide Squad was released, critics panned the movie, but viewers watched and appreciated the movie for what it was. A fun superhero movie. Ultimately, the Suicide Squad movie was successful, regardless of what critics had to say.

Now it appears the movie is being released with an extended cut bringing back scenes that were removed from the movie for the theatrical version. Including many more scenes of Jared Leto’s Joker.

While I’m sure this movie will be scooped up by the movie lovers, I’m not too thrilled. I liked the theatrical version. The low point of the movie to me was Jared Leto’s Joker. Why put back footage that was removed to make the movie better? Of course the answer to that is money. It gives the studio a chance to sell the same product twice.

I’m not buying.