Story Behind Batman Vs. Superman Easter Egg In I Am Legend Revealed

Remember that easter egg in 2007 film ‘I Am Legend?’ Before easter eggs were the craze they are today, the film has Will Smith driving by a large billboard promoting a Batman and Superman film in Times Square. The image of the easter egg has done the rounds through the Internet saying how ‘I Am Legend’ predicted the Batman V. Superman movie.

In an interview with France Lawrence (I Am Legend Director), Collider has shed some light on the mystery. He explained that the producer and writer of I Am Legend, Akiva Goldsman, actually wrote an early draft of a Batman and Superman movie which didn’t make it to get produced. Warner Bros. canned the script and opted to make Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

Awrence and Goldman thought it’d be a clever idea to include the Easter egg as they wanted to show films that may already have been released when the plague hit. Interestingly, they never did get permission from Warner Bros. to include the easter egg. However, since ‘I Am Legend’ was a Warner Bros film as well, they couldn’t sue themselves.

Watch the full interview below: