Stephen King Sued over The Dark Tower

Oh Roland, what have you got us in to now?

A lawsuit has been filed against Stephen King claiming that the character of Roland Deschain from “The Dark Tower” series of books is based upon Restin Dane, the main character of the coming book, “The Rook”.

The comic’s creator claims that both characters are “time-traveling, monster-fighting, quasi-immortal, romantic adventure heroes.” The lawsuit also claims that both characters dress like cowboys, even though neither story is set in the Old West, and that there are towers in both books that look the same.

“The Rook” was a comic that ran from 1977-1983, originally from Warren Publications. The character re-appeared in 1994 with Harris Comics where the character ended up becoming a cyborg. And in 2014 the character returned to print via Dark Horse Comics.

The first book of “The Dark Tower” was released in 1982 with the final book seeing publication in 2012.

So why the sudden interest in a lawsuit? The obvious answer is that someone who has managed to license a comic book character not many of us know about to two other publishers over the years, see’s a chance or more money to be gained now that The Dark Tower film will be arriving soon.

Realistically, in the world of literature, it’s hard to find something which isn’t derivative of something else in some form or another. In fact… The Rook is a time traveler that travels through time in a ship that looks like a rook chess piece.

I think someone from Doctor Who needs to be calling on The Rook’s creator.