Record for ‘Largest Gathering of People Dressed As Batman’ set in Canada!

According to Metro Calgary, Candians broke a Guinness’s World record when 542 people dressed up as batman gathered in the same place. The gathering took place outside of Nexan(a Canadian oil and gas company) headquarters in downtown just this Thursday. The stunt was part of the company’s 2014 United Way Superhero themed fundraising campaign: “From Suits to Superheroes.”

See some more images below:

According to the Canadian paper:

“The full 542 participants had their costumes inspected by a Guinness Book of World Records staffer, who also ensured they all stood in one space for a full five minutes, before bestowing upon them the official world record for the “Largest Gathering of People Dressed As Batman.”

The previous record was a mere 250.”


  • monkey

    That is so cool! I wanna be batman…just like…all… those other…batmen..

  • veeru789

    That is cool!