New ‘Secret Wars’ is Marvel Comics’ major event of 2015

When the first Secret Wars debuted in 1984, it was earth-shattering at the time for Marvel readers. The Beyonder plucked all their favorite characters, good and evil, from Earth and transported them to a strange intergalactic place called Battleworld. Now, Marvel is giving fans a blast from the past. Marvel announced at New York Comic-con that company wide Secret Wars comics ( written by Avengers scribe Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Esad Ribic) would not only affect the publishing side but would also span to digital platforms when it debuts in spring. According to USA Today:

“The seeds of Secret Wars have been germinating since Hickman began his run on the Avengers and New Avengers titles in 2012. He took both books eight months into the future last month and kicked off a “Time Runs Out” story line, and “when time runs out, Secret Wars is happening,” says Brevoort.[….]”However massive you think this is, let me assure you it is bigger than that. It’s by far the craziest thing that I’ve dealt with.” People who have an understanding of what Secret Wars means to Marvel lore will find aspects and elements of the upcoming event that are familiar, Brevoort says. “It’s the prototype for doing this kind of story.” Decades later, though, the expectations for an epic like this have grown exponentially. “Our hope is that as seismic as the original Secret Wars was to the Marvel Universe and the readers, this new Secret Wars will be to the readers of today,” Brevoort says. “People are certainly going to be talking about it 30 years from now.”

I know many of the more….seasoned Marvel fans remember the ‘Secret Wars’ fondly(and it influenced the standards of comics for many of you), how do you feel about Marvel giving it another go?


  • Bastakiatavich