New pictures of Ben Affleck in Batsuit Revealed!

Now THAT's a BatChin!
Now THAT’s a BatChin!

When news that Gigli actor Ben Affleck would be the Caped Crusader weas revealed the interwebz went NUTS(and not in a good way)! The hashtag:#BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck was trending on twitter and a petition at to remove Ben Affleck from playing Batman obtained more than 50,000 signatures. Obviously, people weren’t happy.

However, I have noticed a huge change in tone after the first official picture of Ben Affleck in the famed bat suit hit in May. For any doubters that may still remain, DC/WB released the aforementioned picture of Ben Affleck. I must say that Batfleck looks like something out of a comic book brought to life. While many still remain doubters, I believe we can all agree, Ben Affleck LOOKS the part. Its been more than a decade since DareDevil and Ben has grown as an actor. I, for my part, remain cautiously optimistic.

What do you think? Have these pictures been enough to sway your opinion or do you still believe, like many, this movie will be a total disaster? Post your thoughts in he comments below.
(Photo Credit: Warner Bros/DC)

  • The.Shadow.Knows

    I personally think ben afleck is good actor I think he do good as batman