McDonald’s introduces the ‘Batman Burger!’

The Batman Burger
The Batman Burger

As if I needed another excuse to stuff myself with fast food burgers and fries, McDonald’s releases a batman themed burger. Unfortunately, it is only available in Hong Kong but I’m hoping some McDonald’s executive reads UTB Geek and is made aware we want to enjoy this too!

The double beef Batman burger comes with an egg on it, along with a side of “squeezy” cheesy fries. It even comes in a box that looks like Batman. McDonald’s made a promotional video which you can watch below:

In the meantime you can simply fly to Hong Kong and buy on there. I, for my part, will be praying McDonald’s releases the Batman Burger in the United States.

  • Bastakiatavich

    Fun stuff, though ‘Squeezy, Cheesy Fries’ sound iffy.

    • undbiter65

      Lol. It’s from Hong Kong, what did you expect!

  • veeru789

    Mouth batering!

    • undbiter65