Marvel Custom Comics & Advertising Campaigns for Brands

The popularity surrounding superheroes is increasing in large scale in the past coulple of years and is leading companies to seek custom-made comics and advertising campaigns for brands. This new trend is pinned by marketers trying to reinvent its image or to reach a certain group.

This might be something new, but the company explained that the custom-made unit comes from the 70’s, but there was hardly any work in the past. In the early days the job was only conducted to retailers selling its Videos / DVDs. It was only from 2012 with the release of “The Avengers” movie which marks the begining of interests in the work by non-entertainment brands.

Among the advantages of creating a campaign with Marvel superheroes is the ability of these characters communicate with multiple generations, from different demographics and income, reaching broad levels of consumers and the market.

The small 12-people groups is called Marvel Custom Solutions Group, an agency content marketing which directly deals with the clients and their campaigns.

Featured Works

ESPN The Magazine – Comemorative return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers


Lexus – Launched a comic book with Marvel’s Agents of Shield


Eminem’s Shady Records – Celebrated the launch of “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” with a “MIGHTY AVENGERS #3” cover


M&Ms – Celebrated the release of Iron Man 3 on Blu-Ray and DVD

M&Ms and Iron Man 3 collaborative comic

Learn more at Marvel Custom Solution News.


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