Man of Steel Sequel is Happening

After months of rumors, a sequel to Man of Steel is confirmed.

Christopher Reeve saw four Superman movies. Brandon Routh saw only one before being downgraded from the movie Superman to the television Atom. Henry Cavill has now played the man of steel twice. Once in his own movie, and once as a buddy flick with Batman. Ok, the buddy flick part is a little off.

Will Henry Cavill approach Christopher Reeve’s record? Or at least the typical trilogy status we expect from superhero movies? Possibly.

Henry Cavill’s manager, Dany Garcia confirmed that Cavill is in the midst of development of a Man of Steel sequel, and I’m kind of glad.

I’ve made no secret of my disappointment with the original Man of Steel. The very things that make Superman, seem to have been forgotten in the debut of the Cavill Superman. Gone was the optimistic feeling. Gone was the hero that cared about those around him. In it’s place was another dark and depressing hero, who just happened to wear a suit that looked a lot like Superman’s. And we saw the same mess in Batman v Superman.

But it appears that DC/ Warner Bros. has learned from the fiasco that has been this latest round of DC Movies. Namely, dark can work when the character is the Dark Knight, but it’s not needed everywhere. Suicide Squad was recut to allow some brighter scenes and a touch of humor. Initial trailers for JLA even shows some jokes (gasp!). Let’s see Superman be super. Let’s bring him back to the optimistic hero which other heroes look up to. Then, and only then, I’m on board.

man of steel