Loot Crate Introduces Marvel Gear + Goods

Loot Crate provides geeks the ultimate mail order service. Now they are targeting a particular group of geek.

Loot Crate is the ultimate gift for those of us with geeky leanings. Loot Crate sends subscribers a monthly crate of themed merchandise ranging from toys, stickers, apparel and more. The grab bag nature of the crate ensures that subscribers are rewarded with a surprise each month. And there are some really fun items included in each of these crates.

Loot Crate has seen a rise in demand for a specific type of merchandise. That merchandise is Marvel themed. Could it be that Marvel movies have taken over the mainstream? Or could it be that Marvel Comics fans are just more willing to subscribe to Loot Crate? Who knows? Whatever the reason, the demand is there, and Loot Crate has teamed with Marvel to satisfy that need.

Loot Crate has announced the coming of Marvel Gear + Goods. This is a bi-monthly Loot Crate that is all Marvel. The crates shall include a mixture of Marvel apparel, home goods, and of course more. There will be 4-7 items in each crate, and shall be themed around particular characters. The cost is $39.95 plus shipping and handling with a promise that the goods will be worth more than $80 retail value. The initial crate will be titled Mystics and will be inspired by Doctor Strange.

To sign up for Marvel Gear + Goods head here.

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