Justice League Dark, Sneak Peak

While Justice League Dark sounds like some form of branded lager, it’s surely not. And I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t want to taste it if it was.

Justice League Dark is instead a different group of DC heroes making up their own super team. These heroes are decidedly darker in tone. These are the “adult” heroes of the DC universe, those dealing more in magic than super strength. I’ve always wondered why DC relegated the magic based heroes and villains for the adult comics. It never quite made sense to me…

Justice League Dark was originally intended to be a live action film with Guillermo del Toro attached to direct. That could have been an amazing film. Sadly, that idea never bore fruit. Instead, DC is working on an animated film.

The film sees Constantine, Swamp Thing, Black Orchid, The Demon, and even Batman and Superman thrown in to the mix.

Watch below for a sneak peak of DC getting even darker.



uhm…. word of advice to DC? Lighten the Hell up.