Japanese Batman?

On the Batpod
On the Batpod

A man in a surprisingly realistic Batsuit has been zipping around Japan in a three wheeled bat-bike. The residents have nicknamed him “Chibatman” as he is loose in the city of Chiba, Japan.

Intrigue about who could be behind the mask broke out when a video hit the web of the Batman look-alike went viral. Residents of Chiba, confused yet delighted, have taken to Twitter to post all their Bat-sightings. Not much is known about the man behind the mask. No one is sure who he is or what bat-mission he’s racing off to.

But his life isn’t all superhero glamour: Sometimes, he’s pictured sitting in traffic, just like the rest of us.

Here the video that started it all:

  • james pisano

    Leave him alone! He’s probably going to save somebody. Gosh!