High Hopes For Daredevil Reboot


Daredevil, oh Daredevil. How you had such potential in 2003, yet we all know exactly how that turned out.   A mixture of bad acting, poor casting, and overall bad writing plagued this film from the very start.  Now, fast forward 8 years to 2012 and the film rights are reverted back to Marvel Studios from 20th Century Fox.   It would definitely seem that Marvel wasn’t too happy about the 2003 film either seeing as Daredevil is getting a reboot in the form of a Netflix original series set to debut in May of 2015.  With Ben Afleck out and Charlie Cox in we could see a turnaround for Daredevil on the small screen as opposed to the big screen.

Daredevil follows Matt Murdock who as a child gest in to a freak accident leaving him blind, while also giving him super senses and reflexes far beyond that of any normal person.  Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day and Daredevil by night seeking justice for those who cannot get it themselves.

One gripe I had with the 2003 film was how relatively underpowered daredevil was. Sure he had the super senses and reflexes but physically he was at the strength level of a man at peak physical condition.  Yet in comics Daredevil is shown with feats of strength such as flipping an occupied limousine.  Marvel lists his strength as being able to lift in the area of 450lb.  Thats no slouch considering Captain America is rated as being able to lift over 800lb.  I really have high hopes for this reboot, because daredevil is much much cooler than he’s been portrayed in film.

Daredevil premieres on Netflix in May 2015, and while the story is typically still the same I think we should expect to see some welcome changes.

What do you guys think,  Does a Daredevil reboot have a chance to make it in the cut throat world of TV?  What do you think this show needs to be successful?  Any particular villains you would like to see aside from Bullseye or Kingpin? Sound off in the comments

  • undbiter65

    Script is what makes a movie. Simple. Daredevil didn’t have it. Hopefully the tv show will have a better one.

  • nerdydaddyo

    It’s long overdue and definitely much needed for the Daredevil series. I am actually excited more so because Netflix works on a tighter budget than big money studios but still manages to produce quality programs (i.e. House of Cards). Maybe they’ll focus less on smoke and mirrors and more on story line. Great post!