First Superman Comic up for Auction!

The Holy Grail of Comics!
The Holy Grail of Comics!

Action Comics No.1 of Superman is now up for auction on Ebay!

This is the comic that started it all. The most valuable comic in existence, not only for it’s history but for it’s condition. The comic was given a 9.0, the highest rating received by an Action Comic No.1 ever. Published in June 1938 and created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Action Comics #1 told the tale of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent who used his incredible powers to fight crime under the guise of Superman.

Paul Litch, CGC Primary Grader, said: “The quality and preservation of this Action No. 1 is astounding. The book looks and feels like it just came off the newsstand. It is supple, the colors are deep and rich and the quality of the white pages is amazing for a comic that is 76 years old.”

So, how much is such a comic worth?

Well, after ONLY two days in the auction the comic was up for $1,600,010. The auction ends August 24. Have a couple million to spare? Here is why you should buy it, Darren Adams (comics dealer) touted:

For sale here is the single most valuable comic book to ever be offered for sale, and is likely to be the only time ever offered for sale during many of our lifetimes. There are no second chances. This is a NO RESERVE auction.

This is THE comic book that started it all. This comic features not only the first appearance of Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but this comic began the entire superhero genre that has followed during the 76 years since. It is referred to as the Holy Grail of comics and this is the finest graded copy to exist with perfect white pages. This is …. the Mona Lisa of comics and stands alone as the most valuable comic book ever printed.

Action Comics #1-Origin Story

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  • Chaplain_Clancy

    I wonder if anyone wants to buy my electronic version for $500,000?

    • undbiter65