The Guild Returns to Comics in a Special Edition

The Guild returns with new comics!

In 2007, geek, gamer, and actress Felicia Day released a web series that she created. This series, The Guild, tells of Cyd, a socially awkward musician that finds solace in a MMO game as a character she created, Codex. Codex spent hours with her guild of fellow players: Zaboo, Vork, Bladezz, Clara, and Tinkerballa. They all explored the realm and battled the monsters as an escape from their real lives.

This comedic series resonated with the blossoming world of web content, filled with geeks and gamers that felt validated by the fun and not-too-exaggerated caricatures. After three seasons, Dark Horse comics released a trilogy prequel comic in 2010. They’ve continued to release tidbits throughout the years to enrich the stories, but the last comic came out in 2013.

The Guild became a bona fide fandom, with stars appearing at conventions and becoming internet famous before being internet famous was really a thing. It was The Guild that inspired Day to begin her media creation project, Geek & Sundry.  The Guild even released music videos that parodied gamer life:

Now with the 10th anniversary of The Guild, Dark Horse is bringing out The Guild: Library Edition, 34 pages of stories and art to celebrate the world Day created. Day is coming back to contribute 3 new pieces.




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