Doctor Who Crossover Event Announced!

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

Who was the better Dr. Who? The tenth, eleventh, or twelfth Doctor? Well while you ponder on that, Titan Comics has announced a five part crossover event that will bring together the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth Doctor Who’s.

According to Comicbook:

The series will be written by Paul Cornell, the writer of Doctor Who episodes “Father’s Day” and “Human Nature/Family of Blood,” as well as several classic Doctor Who novels and runs on comics like Wolverine, Action Comics, Demon Knights, and Captain Britain and the MI:13. The event will be illustrated by Neil Edwards.

The event promises four Doctors, however the cover, which is seen above, prominently displays the four Doctors along with a mysterious silhouette. This has fans speculating about a surprise appearance by the Ninth Doctor Who. The first issue of the five-part event will be available on August 12th.