Doctor Doom’s Origin Drastically Different in Fantastic Four reboot

DR Doom
DR Doom

Fox has been keeping details of ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot under tight wraps. So far we know the cast is very young, one of the member’s race has been changed(Johnny Storm), and the villain will be Doctor Doom. In an interview with Collider, Toby Kebbell (who will be giving life to the nefarious Doctor) revealed that Doctor Doom has a different origin in the Fantastic Four reboot, and his last name isn’t even Doom.

According to Collider:

Steve asked the innocuous question of what it was like playing Doctor Doom, and Kebbell started off with a simple answer:

TOBY KEBBELL: I’m excited to see it too, and my nerves really…The only thing I can tease you about is what I worked on most was the voice because nobody—even in the cartoons, when I was watching them I was like, “So where’s he from?” There’s a mild change and I’ll tell you because of our history.

And this is where it gets really interesting:

KEBBELL: He’s Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom in our story. And I’m sure I’ll be sent to jail for telling you that. The Doom in ours—I’m a programmer. Very anti-social programmer. And on blogging sites I’m “Doom”.

Yep. His name isn’t even Victor Von Doom, and I’m going to assume he’s also not the ruler of the fictional Eastern European country of Latveria like the character in the comics. However, the computer programmer aspect hints that they’ve kept Doom highly intelligent, and that’s how you represent powerful, scientifically-minded intelligence in the modern age.

Kebbell then gave a sense of how this character fits into the overall tone of the picture:

KEBBELL: Yeah, it was cool man. Josh, the whole deal, the lo-fi way he did it, the ultra-real. It was just nice to do that. It was nice to be feeling like we had to come to terms with what was given by this incident.

What are your thoughts, is Marvel ruining another super hero film á la Daredevil?

(Source: Collider)

  • veeru789

    much needed reboot.

    • undbiter65

      Indeed. But a reboot, not a whole damn remake.