The Animated Return of Constantine Thanks to CW Seed

CW Seed to give Constantine another shot.

Constantine has not had a very easy time. As a once popular adult oriented comic book from DC comics, the character just can’t seem to catch a Hollywood break.

Initially, Constantine was made in to a movie starring Keanu Reeves. I watched it. It was ok. But t never warranted a sequel.

Next came the television series starring Matt Ryan. That show just didn’t last very long. It just couldn’t find the viewers. Despite attempts to land the series on another network, all actors were released from their contracts and the series went bye-bye.


But that wasn’t the end of Matt Ryan as Constantine. No, he made another appearance in character in an episode of CW’s Arrow. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to teach Stephen Amell how to deliver a believable line, and he rode off in to the nether.

But now Matt Ryan is back! As Constantine! As a cartoon? Yes, Constantine is heading to CW Seed as a short series animated 10 minute episodes, with Matt Ryan voicing the character he seems to be married to.

Look for Constantine’s arrival soon.