The Blackest Night Fan Made Trailer. Someone Call DC Now!

A fan made trailer better than the last two big budget movies? Someone get ahold of Warner Bros and DC. They need to hire these fans!

Man of Steel disappointed me. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a horror to behold. I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad, but I think I may be in the minority. The Blackest Night looks amazing! But there’s a problem. We won’t be seeing it. At least we won’t be seeing this version.

Made by YouTube creators Ultrasargent, AList Productions, aand EL Edits, the Blackest Night trailer is a fan made trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist. Made from clips of various WB/DC movies and televisions shows, with a heaping dose of post production, footage that was ultra-lame in the movies now has something the movies did not have. Excitement.

Hell, they even made Ryan Reynolds a good Green Lantern.

How about Warner Bros. and DC stop wasting their money, and our time, and get some truly creative people to make the next movie. One thing is for certain, they certainly couldn’t screw up the DC movie-verse anymore than it already is.

Blackest Night