Andrew Garfiel is here to stay!

I think Sony must read UTB Geek and they saw how many of us wanted for Andrew to reprise his role as the webhead because it looks like that’s exactly what will be happening.

The confirmation comes from a casting call for The Amazing Spiderman 3 in which both Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan as the starring stars of the the film. The confirmation comes after the leaked Sony emails in which the possibility of Garfield being replaced is considered.

The casting call is for “Extras, male/female, 18-65, all races/ethnicities.”

Social networks exploded with people protesting the replacement. While the ASM films are far from perfect, I honestly hope Sony realizes the problem isn’t Garfield (heck he’s definitely the best part of the movie series), but the script and overall approach to the origins of the villains is.

What are your thoughts, would you have liked to seen Andrew Garfield replaced?